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"Rezon" Translation Center provides a full range of translation services from and into English.

English is not the most spoken language in the world. Chinese and Spanish have many more native speakers. But English has established itself as the officially accepted language of communication. English is the official language of Great Britain, the United States of America, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and is widely spoken in large regions of Africa and Asia

  • Over 900 million people worldwide speak English as a native or second language.
  • The English vocabulary increases by an average of about 4,000 words each year. That makes an average of one new word added every 2 hours to the English dictionary.
  • Over 80% of the digital information that is stored, both locally and on the global web, is in English.
Translation from English to Bulgarian

Our translators from English to Bulgarian are qualified philologists and specialists in various areas of expertise with proven qualities in the art of translation. They are our permanent collaborators, who have confirmed their competence and professionalism.

Combined with our use of translation technology and our extreme flexibility in relation to client needs, this results in a professional and reliable translation service that our regular customers value. We have the resources to form teams of translators from English to Bulgarian, specialists in the relevant field for large projects that require implementation in a short period of time.

Our advantages
  • Expert translation from English to Bulgarian and vice versa
  • Respected deadlines and competent translators
Translation from Bulgarian to English

We have expertise in the written translation of documents from Bulgarian to English and vice versa in a wide range of fields and areas such as:

Additional services related to translation from and into English Interpreting

In addition to written translation, we can provide you with an oral translation from and into English:

  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous
  • Accompanied interpretation
  • Interpreting online

Regardless of the area in which you need English interpreting, we will provide you with the most suitable interpreter for your needs.
For interpretations from and into English , we have the possibility of a quick and express response.

Translations to/from English can be certified, notarized and legalized.

For a free instant quote, please fill out the inquiry form or contact us at any of our offices in Sofia and Varna.

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Center for Translations and Legalizations "Rezon" has been licensed by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1991.